Hmms: October

Monthly collection of things that got me thinking hmming.

No-code API platforms

One of the recurring theme in the API domain is low– and no-code API solutions, so-called democratization of APIs. Common examples are IFTTT and Zapier.

Yesterday I stumbled upon this video by Curtis McHale:

It shows a very specific productivity workflow for iOS, but the curious thing is how much of it is automated by glueing together different apps via shortcuts. More eloquent writer could conjure the whole essay, but my thoughts so far are:

  • I, “lots-of-code” person, wouldn’t come up with such workflow. My routine automation tend to be one-to-one connections, whereas presented shortcut covers many apps.
  • UI-based automation mechanisms are limited but provide inspiration via affordances (see also).
  • Having a native OS mechanism enables the widest possible audience.
  • Services with apps shouldn’t limit integration capabilities only to web APIs; custom URL schemes are perfect for local app-to-app interactions.

Hi, YouTube

One day, as we were talking about our knowledge management systems in the Obsidian discord’s #russian channel, I decided to record a video to show mine.

It’s in Russian and it’s bad xD

Jeez, this was hard. Rerecording, cleaning up, cutting bits, and constantly, constantly hearing yourself in the process. And I didn’t even try to do anything fancy, just plain screen cast with editing out all the “eeeehm”. I’ll probably have to do the same in English, and the very thought terrifies me: it was painful enough to hear me speak in my native language. Guess how horrible will be that with the accent.