Conference Notes: ASC 2020

OpenAPI Initiative’s API specifications conference (ASC) was the first payed event I’ve attended. Usually I watch free online events or past videos available on YouTube or Vimeo, but this time I decided to bite my inner Scrooge McDuck since there were relevant topics and price was reasonable.

And I didn’t regret it! I would love to attend offline or online future event: community is golden. There were tons of activity and discussions. The obvious example was day two keynote where the discussion in the chat was almost (if not more) as active as the streamed panel discussion.

The recurring theme in all breakout sessions was API governance. I found it funny that many participants said that they try to avoid the word “governance” because it scares or alienates developers. In the case of my current company, all our work is about giving customers means to do information governance. And while we certainly need to become better at governing some of our own processes, at least we’re not scared of the word.

Talks that caught my attention (aside from keynotes):

Other stuff to mention:

Oh, right, my usual rubric, whining about testers:

  1. Amusing (or not) observation: there was no “tester” option in the event registration form. Developers, managers, marketing, DevOps, whatever. But no testers. Oops.
  2. When people talk about API governance, they usually mention developers, product managers, tech writers. But almost never testers. I wonder why?
  3. Gotcha, no whining here! I’ve met a like-minded tester! She was quite active, and I was able to deduce that she was a tester just by the questions she posted. Can’t deny, there is a certain “world view” you get by wearing this hat long enough. The despair.