Hmms: April


One of the good things to emerge during the corona times is more educational opportunities.

For example, you can (and perhaps should) check the “Advanced Distributed Systems Design” course by Udi Dahan.

Another way to satisfy knowledge thirst is to attend a virtual conference:

  • API The Docs hosts bite-sized virtual events with discussion opportunities.
  • AsyncAPI has finished already, but you can watch it on YouTube.
  • OnlineTestConf is soon. I’m particularly excited about “The Lessons we can Learn from the Aviation Industry” by Conor Fitzgerald.

New font

Any “IT person” should have a favorite monospaced font. Except for those weirdos who prefer non-monospaced. I wasn’t very original in this matter and used Fira Code because it has ligatures and proper support for Cyrillic.

Any “IT person” should also have a favorite IDE. Mine is PyCharm by JetBrains. Recently an amazing thing has happened: JetBrains released their own monospaced font, JetBrains Mono. The key feature is an increased height of lowercase letters. Love it!


I participated in the podcast hosted by Alan Page.

In retrospect, I should have “rehearsed” a bit more. For example, I somehow was able to forget the phrase open-book management. Or some answers could be more laconic and concise. Nevertheless, it was a great experience.

Visible work

I slowly write our API guidelines. Still work in progress, but it’s cool to have bits of your work visible and perhaps at some point serving others. My admiration for companies who published their guidelines in the same matter grew immensely: Adidas, PayPal, Heroku, Microsoft, Zalando, etc. It really helps to be able to see real artifacts and not just generic NDA-sanitized dev blog posts.