Weekly hmms: advent of code, NGINX, APIs

Advent of code

Last week I forgot to mention that I started solving the Advent of Code challenges. This is my first year, so I don’t even try to have elegant solutions. Old trusty Python, lists' and dicts' galore.

The reason is simple: the goal is to go through all 25 days. Being consistent is not easy, and today I had to solve two days because of yesterday’s Christmas party.


The news about police raids in NGINX office is at the same time surprising and not. Before there were VKontakte and Euroset; for some reason being honestly successful is not allowed in Russia.


Tom Johnson released a podcast with Arnaud Lauret. Even though it’s a tech writing perspective, I strongly recommend testers to check it out. Laments about not being able to influence design are fun to hear: it’s almost like Agile, DevOps, WhatNotOps missed out tech writers.

Also, I found two interesting API related newsletters: “API Developer Weekly” and“Net API Notes”. If you look at the signup page for the first one, I bet you will notice that it doesn’t mention testers. I wonder, is it because their team follows MT-like approach and includes testers into dev set? Hope so.