Stereotype Rant

We live in the world of memes and funny pictures. Nothing wrong with that. Some companies started posting humorous content too, and, again, that’s totally fine: I myself prefer these to dry corporate pitches. But it’s a real shame when you see a post like this from a test agency:

What makes you feel more powerful:

  • Money
  • Status
  • Finding bugs in other people’s code

It would be dishonest to say I would never find this joke amusing. I did. Probably first half a year of being a tester, less or more. And I still hear that “achievement unlocked ding” in my head when I find some peculiar or very critical issue.

But I most certainly don’t feel powerful. Experience with software development comes with a grain of salt and a certain sadness. Each bug you discover means:

  • there are even more unknown problems lurking somewhere
  • you have to bother about code correctness instead of thinking about the value
  • processes are leaky and if I’m not in position to have any impact on them I’d probably feel powerless

So, sorry, but no, that post won’t receive a “like” from me. And I’m quite angry and sad seeing such posts coming from test agency, company that shouldn’t be promoting stereotypes about testers as those guys who are happy to “break stuff” and are always “at war with devs.” C’mon! In the case of this particular company, I understand that it’s most probably marketing shit which wasn’t approved by actual testers working there. But often it happens that we, testers, either don’t care or not vocal enough about pointing out these harmful mistakes to juniors and non-dev people.