Remember The Milk for task management

Today I received a letter from Remember The Milk that I had won a free year of Pro. That’s great, yet I feel a bit sad because somehow everyone talks about every other todo app and not RTM.

I’ve been using RTM for several years. First, with free account, later with Pro. And it’s a second time I won a Pro :) RTM is great. For me, four killer features are:

  • Start dates and due dates
  • Very customizable repeat options
  • Really smart add syntax (you can input everything as one-liner and all task fields will be populated)
  • Smart lists (basically, it’s saved searches with operators like tag: and logic control with AND/OR/NOT/parentheses)

You can implement any imaginable task management system with it. I use a setup based on M. Dorofeev’s approach. Of course, specialized apps are probably a bit easier if you strictly follow rules of one “true” system, but with RTM you can do the heck you want any time you want. There is a bizarre development fashion to “box” users with constraints, to give no options. And for me RTM is a breeze of sane air of freedom.