2018 and mega mind map

Well, it’s been a while. I don’t want to make so called “new year resolutions”, but it’s better to add a repeating task in the RTM to write something here xD

2018 started shaky. I left my first real place of work — Quality Lab — Alma mater of testing. This decision was heartbreaking, yet expected. On the bright side, now I have time to condition my brain into the normal mode again: for the last 1.5 year I wasn’t productive in studying and reading.

First step is my mega mind map. God bless Freeplane, it’s awesome. Actually, it was a bit ugly, but now it’s looking good ;) So, MMM. It’s versioned with git and here is a repo. I have an impressive goal of documenting all testing techniques and approaches. Hope, I won’t drop it as usual.

Here is a first iteration:

  • ACC (Attributes / Components / Capabilities)
  • Decomposition
  • APV aka ДПЗ (Actions / Parameters / Values)
  • Value analysis

Mega mind map version 1